Welcome to Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary, Reg. We are a private show & hobby Rabbitry and Caviary located in Delaware (the first state). We hold several memberships in local, state, regional and national clubs’ rabbit and guinea pig clubs. 

Please Note: Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary is a Closed Rabbitry & Caviary. Visitors are NOT allowed to view our facility under any circumstances. Our cavies’ and rabbits' health and safety comes first. For this reason, a mutually agreed-upon location, or reputable transport must be organized for pick-up. 

Our motto is "A commitment to excellence is what it is all about in the nest box and show table." Our rabbits and cavies compete on a national level.  

Breeding rabbits and cavies is both an art and a science, knowing what combinations will give you the correct body type, size and coat/wool. I am always studying pedigrees and body types not to mention coat/wool quality such as texture & density to further my bloodlines, researching to see where the next 'star' might come from. This is where the 'fun' of breeding angoras and long hair cavies lay! 

We have very strict standards when it comes to selecting rabbits and cavies for show and even stricter standards when it comes to finding great and loving homes that include fiber, pet and retirement homes. We are NEVER in a hurry to move out any show prospects. In fact, we prefer to hold on to them as long as possible so we can properly evaluate them for their true potential as a show or brood animal. We pride ourselves on being a small rabbitry and caviary, where we can still give all our rabbit and piggy treats such as carrots or a piece of apple at night. All our critters, both angora and cavy, are given lots of attention multiple times a day. Our four-legged kids thrive on personalized attention. 

Melissa is the first Dual Rabbit and Cavy licensed Registrar in the state of Delaware. Feel free to contact her to registrar your rabbit or cavy. She earned her rabbit registrar license in October of 2012 and her Cavy registrar license in December of 2000.

If you are interested in angora rabbit fiber from our award-winning angora rabbits, feel free to contact us. We offer hand plucked, sheared, carded, spun, etc. angora fiber to the discriminating fiber artist.

Giant Angoras

We raise Nationally competitive Giant Angoras in Delaware. Our goal is to keep our numbers low so we can concentrate on the exhibition of the finest specimens of our chosen breeds. After owing our first Giant Angora before 2003 and deciding to become serious about the Giant Angora breed in 2004, we are pleased to announce that we are on our way to several registered and Grand Champion Giant Angoras. 

Guinea Pigs

We added guinea pigs in 2012 and since then have been showing ever since. In cavy's aka Guinea Pigs, we work with Americans, Coronets, Peruvians and Silkies. We have had the pleasure of working with all 13 ARBA recognized cavy breeds at one point or the other. 


In addition, to our small herd of Lionheads who we adore, we hope they obtain the same success as our other breeds had in the past. We started working with the Lionhead breed in 2022.