Coat Stages of a Giant Angora

Our Giant Angoras are purposefully bred to be wool machines "wool production" is there primary goal in life. Please keep this in mind when inquiring about one of our Giant Angoras. Do you have the necessary time commitment for proper grooming? If not, that is okay, you can always keep ones coat short which is easier to maintain. If you are not showing your rabbit, we suggest clipping them down every 3-4 months to make it easier to keep up with their fiber. It does not matter if the rabbit is a pet or a show bunny! It is mandatory to keep their nails short and their coats free of mats.

I always have Giant Angora fiber/wool for sale, please send me an email if you are interested. 

Giant Angora in Show Coat!

Unless you are a fiber artist, or pet person there is no reason to keep your Giant Angora in a huge show coat like the one in the photo. Most spinners prefer wool that is 3-5 inches in length. This coat takes ALOT of time and dedication to keep mat free and unstained. 

In the process of being naked. 

This is a photo of a Giant Angora who is being clipped down! With a pair of scissors to leave a little length on the body. Kind of like a man's haircut. There are several options to humanely and ethically harvested your bunny's fiber/wool. 

Shearing: scissors/Clippers to trim the wool off gently and carefully or by easily plucking fiber that is ready to be released naturally. Think of brushing your own hair and the hair that is in the comb or brush was naturally shed. Same idea with angoras and the fiber/ wool that comes out of the brush or comb. 


Plucked or Clipped (Sheared) Giant Angora Fiber/Wool

Humanely and ethically harvested Giant Angora fiber/wool. This is considered "raw" wool that can be spun on a drop spindle or spinning wheel. 

100% Giant Angora wool/fiber

After the fiber is humanely and ethically harvested from the bunny. It is spun on a drop spindle or spinning wheel. This is what makes yarn. This yarn is used to knit, weave or crochet items. 

Junior Giant Angora who just had a haircut (sheared)

Your bunny will enjoy being naked from its big wool coat. The wool will grow back in normally 1 inch per month. The rabbits do not get cold from being sheared unless they are in a drafty barn. 

Giant Angora "Made with Love" Start to Finish 

A big show coat on a retired Giant Angora, humanely and ethically harvested by being clipped/sheared down. The fiber was spun on my Fantasia Spinning Wheel, and I made Yarn. The yarn was made into a Skein. I knitted/made a 100% Giant Angora hat for this winter to wear.