~Last updated June 6, 2024~

Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry and Caviary welcomes you! Our private show and hobby rabbitry and caviary is situated in Delaware, known as the first state. We are proud members of various local, state, regional, and national clubs dedicated to rabbits and cavies. We raise nationally competitive rabbits and cavy’s aka Guinea Pigs, in Delaware.  

Our reputation is built on breeding high-quality Giant Angoras and Coronet guinea pigs. Our rabbitry now includes both Flemish Giants in Black and Blue and Lionheads. We’ve added several breeds of guinea pigs such as Americans, American Satins, Peruvians and Silkies. Our goal is to maintain a low number of animals to focus on exhibiting the finest specimens of our chosen breeds.

We have strict standards for selecting rabbits and cavies for show, and even stricter standards for finding great homes that include fiber, pet and retirement options. We take our time evaluating each animal’s potential as a show or brood animal. At our small rabbitry and caviary, we give all our critters personalized attention multiple times a day. This includes treats like carrots or apples at night, which our rabbits and cavies love.

Breeding rabbits and cavies requires a combination of skill and scientific knowledge, including understanding which combinations will result in the correct body type, size, and coat/wool. To further our bloodlines, we study pedigrees, body types, and coat/wool quality factors like texture and density, while also looking for the next star to show. This is where the joy of breeding and exhibiting comes into play.

Excellence is what drives us; whether in the nest box or on the show table, our goal remains the same: to have the best rabbits and cavies recognized on a national level.

To prioritize the wellbeing of our rabbits and cavies, Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry and Caviary remains a closed facility.

Our cavy breeds:

Americans, American Satins, Coronets, Peruvians and Silkies

Our rabbit breeds:

Flemish Giants, Giant Angoras and Lionheads

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To see our old blog here is the link  Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry: January 2012 (fuzzibuttsrabbitry.blogspot.com)

We are making plans to attend the following prestigious shows:


October 26-30, 2024, The 101st ARBA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky

Angora Nationals (NARBC) National Specialty

National Federation of Flemish Giant Breeders
National Specialty Show

 ACBA National show in Salem, Oregon

102nd ARBA Convention in Indianaoplis, Indiana

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 Please note we prefer to do everything via email. Please feel free to reach out to us fuzzibuttsrabbitryandcaviary@gmail.com

  We have rabbits and cavies living in Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as the United States.