Nationally competitive Coronets

We raise Nationally competitive longhair Cavies aka Guinea Pigs in Delaware. Our goal is to keep our numbers low so we can concentrate on the exhibition of the finest specimens of our chosen breeds. After owing our first cavy in 2011 which was a Texel boar from Heatherdale Caviary named RuPaul we were hooked on piggy's. In 2012, I became serious about the cavy fancy and obtained show quality stock. I am pleased to announce that we are on our way to several registered and Grand Champion Coronets. After many years, of selective culling and breeding we are proud to introduce our first “homebred” cavies. Our foundation stock came from Danna Connolly, Becky Lanahan and Kim Burgess.

We are proud to announce we have several Grand Champion Coronets along with many registered Coronet cavies…this has been a minimum of three years (since our start in 2011) to obtain Cavies that were eligible for registration. We currently have 19 (pending an additional 7 more after the paperwork is processed) Grand Champions and 145 Registered Coronets with the prefix of Fuzzibutt's.